Gut & Instinct - Move First, Think Second

with Jo Scott

Saturday 10:30am at The Village Theatre

Trouble with initiating, stuck on the back, too much exposition? Gut & Instinct works on moving first and thinking second. Specifically working on pulling ideas from how you feel, not what you think.

Jo Scott

Jo Scott is a proud member of Super Human, an all-female powerhouse that performs weekly at Annoyance Theater. She also understudies for The Second City Touring Company, runs and performs in Annoyance Theatre’s weekly sketch show, Holy F**k Comedy Hour and plays regularly at iO Theater with Smokin’ Hot Dad, Virgin Daiquiri, and Seriously Unprepared. Jo and her BFF & writing partner, Jeff Murdoch, have produced several “Seriously Unprepared Presents” comedy shorts and, most recently, wrote episode 3 of NYTVF’s first original series, “The Jamz,” which can be seen on Netflix. More Jo here: @joscotttt