Becoming an Improv Super Hero

with Greg Tavares

Saturday 3:15pm at The Village Theatre

This workshop focuses on you becoming the improviser you always wanted to be! You have been working for years, but there is still something stopping you from realizing your potential? That is what happened in my life. I used to be an average improviser, but then I created a persona that had the skills and courage that I wanted to have. I was still Greg - I was just a better version of myself when I improvised. This persona was awesome at improv. He faced his fears. He was fun to play with. He made his partner look good and got laughs from the audience doing it. The persona was a super hero version of myself (still me), just better. In this improv class we are going to try to get you to become your own Improv Super Hero.

Greg Tavares

Greg Tavares

Greg Tavares is the co-founder of Theatre 99, the Charleston Comedy Festival, The Have Nots comedy improv company and the Piccolo Fringe Festival. He put out the book Improv for Everyone in 2012 and has taught at improv theaters and festivals all over the country. He did his first improv show in 1985 and has never stopped. He has a BFA in acting and an MFA in Directing, but still has nightmares that he never finished high school.