small big, BIG SMALL

with Dave Hill

Saturday 3:30pm at The Village Theatre

One thing that seems to consistently trip up improv scenes is figuring out, in the moment, just how to “right size” them.  When do we heighten the premise or situation into the biggest stakes possible?  When do we just let the characters or relationship speak for themselves in a small moment?  In this workshop, we will look at premise, stakes, heightening and other elements of scenework and techniques that will help you “right size” your choices.

Dave Hill

Dave Hill headshot

Dave Hill is an actor, improviser and writer from Chicago where he trained at the iO and Second City.  Now in LA, he improvises with Hill Jones, King Ten and The Armando Show. His work can be seen in the Hulu original series QUICK DRAW and the Comedy Central classic RENO 911.  His voice has been heard on such animated series as AMERICAN DAD and THE MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL as well as the upcoming DR. HAVOC'S DIARY on Fullscreen starting in July!   He co-wrote, co-directed and co- starred in the up-coming feature film THE NIGHT IS YOUNG.