Group Game

with Craig Uhlir

Saturday 3:15pm at The Village Theatre

In this workshop we will explore informational group work and also scenic group work. Learn about the main differences between types of group games, how to identify them , and how to set yourself up in order to contribute and succeed during group play. Learn about group agreement while still maintaining our intelligence and playing into each others strengths. Improv theory about navigating the group game slot.

Craig Uhlir

Craig Uhlir

Craig Uhlir was born and raised in Chicago, in the USA. After completing his training at Chicago’s big three improvisational schools: Second City, improvOlympics, and the Annoyance back in the 90's, Craig began playing with Harold teams Deep Schwa and Vahalla. He also played at ComedySportz Chicago for 4 years doing short form improv. He toured with the Second City National Touring Company going around the world and then performed in Second City Las Vegas at the Flamingo hotel for 3 years. These days Craig teaches at iO (formerly improvOlympics) and The Second City. He still performs every Sunday night in Deep Schwa at iO, Chicago’s longest running Harold team. Craig has been playing for over 20 years and teaching since the turn of the century. I would say Craig’s specialty is group work and teaching others how to put the fun in funny.