Everything's a gift

with Christina Gausas

Saturday 10:30am at The Village Theatre

You will gain confidence in knowing how to accept everything your scene partner gives you through making bold, committed character choices for yourself. Whether your scene partner tells you something that sounds negative or positive, you'll never feel weak or doubtful again. You'll fully understand how to use every bit of information, whether it's verbal or non-verbal, and make it work in organic, forward motion for successful scenes in full collaboration with your scene partners.

Christina Gausas

Christina Gausas

Christina hosts and produces "The Sunday Night Collective (on TUESDAY)" at the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles. Christina performs in notable improv duos including KEMPSAS with Ellie Kemper, Cannon & Gausas with Kay Cannon, and Dorff & Gausas with Kevin Dorff. She created the long-form improv "Let's Have a Ball" which played to sold out Saturday night audiences at the UCB Theater in New York for over 5 years. TV credits include: Difficult People, People in New Jersey dir. by Paul Feig for HBO, Girls, 30 Rock, Louie, The Colbert Report, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Improv credits include: Let's Have a Ball, Drysdale & Gausas, Delaney & Gausas, Adsit & Gausas, Diaz and Gausas with Armando Diaz, Maravilla, Mike Birbiglia's Dream, Gravid Water, ASSSSCAT 3000, and The Stepfathers. TimeOut New York has called her "one of the best improvisers in New York City" and New York Magazine has described her work as "brainy, off-the-cuff interplay that recalls the heyday of Nichols & May". www.christinagausas.com