An Alternative Approach to Scene Work

with Bill Arnett

Saturday 1:00pm at The Village Theatre

Many of the tradition improv rules and concepts separate us from the real world. By looking towards the rules of life we will discover how to create more natural and textured scenes that are easier for us to play and more compelling for an audience to watch.

Bill Arnett

Bill Arnett

Bill Arnett, founder of the Chicago Improv Studio and author of The Complete Improviser, is known as a good-natured teacher with an empowering approach to improv. He started improvising at the University of Florida in 1992 before moving to Chicago in 1998. He has been a part of several acclaimed ensembles including People of Earth, Maximum Party Zone and 3033. After 12 years of performing and teaching at the iO Theater and 18 months as the Training Center Director, Bill left to start the Chicago Improv Studio, a stage-focused training and performance company that takes a non-traditional approach to improv. More information about the Improv Studio and a link to Bill's long-running blog can be found at