Improvised Vagina Monologues

Atlanta, GA

Improvised Vagina Monologues

Saturday 08:05pm | Main Stage

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The Improvised Vagina Monologues is a live, hilarious, immersive improv experience that will give you all the feels.

Based on the iconic 90’s Eve Ensler play the Improvised Vagina Monologues is an ephemeral play completely made up on the spot. Come witness this amazing FEMMEtastic comedy experience!

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Come join us for this special show at the Atlanta Improv Festival playing with the amazing Village Theatre Alums!

This show features:

Host: Sara Bresee AKA Dr Regina Vagine


Courtney Nicole Overcash
Bonita Elery
Julia Jones
Jessica Bilgrad
Jessica Young
Jennica Hill
Nikki Radford
Summer Adhal
Ella Boyett
Hannah Aslesen