Where do I get tickets?
Right here!

How do the night and VIP passes work?
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday passes (plus VIP weekend passes) get you in to all shows, including Battle shows.
YOU MUST CHECK IN 15 minutes prior to the show you would like to attend. If you do not check in 15 minutes prior to the show, VT reserves the right to resell the ticket.
When you check in for a show, you can also check in for a later show happening within the next hour and a half.
When you check in for the later show, you still must come out to the box office and grab a ticket for the next show you want to go to. We will have a special line for them to grab their ticket and register for a later show.

Where do I party before and after the shows?
Before the shows, head over to our sponsor Noni's for dinner. Mention the festival and get 10% off all weekend long!
Thursday night, Noni's is also our official after party destination!
Friday and Saturday night: We're heading up the street to sponsor Bada Bings to keep the party rolling.

Hey you!! What about the hashtag?
Woah! No need to shout. I'm right here.
Use #ATLIF2017 all weekend long, because we like finding things on the Internet after they are posted.

Sorry about yelling in the last question.
No worries. It's ok. You were excited.

Do y'all have social media accounts for relevant updates?
Yes we do, partner. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Why aren't there more FAQs?
I've been pretty deep in improv festival stuff lately, so I don't really know what I'd ask if I didn't know the answers to all the questions.

So there could be more questions coming?
Maybe? I dunno.

So if I have a question, which may be frequently asked. Where do I ask it?
Send us an email!