Jessica is an improvisor with over a decade of experience performing and teaching, having trained with UCB NY, Jet City Seattle, and Groundlings LA, to name a few. Matthew is an actor in TV and Film who has NEVER taken an improv class or improvised in front of an audience. Watch them navigate the trials and hilariousness of all the characters stuck at the Coachapoloozasouthbysasquatch Music Festival!

Featuring: Jessica Young and Matthew Zuk


Thursday, March 29

Winner: Unprepared - 62 pts.
Runner Up: Overly Dramatic Crescendo - 51 pts.
The Pop Cultists - 43 pts.

Thursday, March 15

Winner: Unprepared - 121 pts.
Runner Up: Underdogs - 102 pts.
The Rebound Show - 89 pts.

Thursday, April 5

Winner: Behind The Scenes - 133 pts.
Runner Up: Slice Of Life - 117 pts.
Unprepared - 0 pts.