Slice Of Life

A monoscene long form set with an emphasis on creating strong relationships and characters.

Featuring: Nicky Smith, Leah Sherman, Cole Oslund, Erin McGehee, Sarah Grant, Mallory Johnson, Nathan Rowell, and Sarah Stephens


Thursday, April 5

Winner: Behind The Scenes - 133 pts.
Runner Up: Slice Of Life - 117 pts.
Unprepared - 0 pts.

Friday, April 6

Co-Workers vs. Freddy, Sara, and Andrew have a Dance Party vs. Slice Of Life
9:45pm @ Village Theatre

Friday, March 30

Winner: Big Poppa - 101 pts.
Runner Up: Slice Of Life - 95 pts.
Poker Night - 68 pts.

Thursday, March 15

Winner: Slice Of Life - 87 pts.
Runner Up: Six Kids In A Trenchcoat - 85 pts.
Salieri for No Reason - 68 pts.