Behind The Scenes

The format of our show is montage long-form with a group of volunteers at different events (Botanical Gardens show, dog show, etc.) that might be held at VT or volunteers working at places that don't normally need/have volunteers (Grand Canyon, CVS, your backyard BBQ, etc.). The get would be either a type of event or a location.

Featuring: Cattleya Jiraboondilok, Melanie Quinn, JJ Krehbiel, Jonathan Wofford, Devon Tully, Bijou Edi, Matt Lynott


Sunday, March 18

Winner: Behind The Scenes - 60 pts.
Runner Up: Freddy, Sara, and Andrew have a Dance Party - 53 pts.
Cardigan Party - 37 pts.

Thursday, April 5

Winner: Behind The Scenes - 133 pts.
Runner Up: Slice Of Life - 117 pts.
Unprepared - 0 pts.

Saturday, March 31

Winner: Behind The Scenes - 110 pts.
Runner Up: J's On My Feet - 80 pts.
Roadside Assistance - 62 pts.

Friday, April 6

Behind The Scenes vs. Overly Dramatic Crescendo vs. Gamey Bullshit
8:30pm @ Village Theatre